Hart Nadav Feuer



Hart Associate Professor
Philosophy of Agricultural Science Unit
Division of Natural Resource Economics
Graduate School of Agriculture
Kyoto University, Japan

Portland, Oregon, USA
Last updated: 25 October 2022

About Me

My research focus at the moment:
  • Geographical Indication (GI) in Asia
  • Nutrition and heritage of traditional food systems
  • Food literacy and food education
  • Wild vegetables among youth
If you are interested in these topics or have questions, please contact me for more information.

Networking and News

These days I live in Kyoto. Please take up contact by email or check out Linked-In, ResearchGate, Researchmap.

I was featured in the July 2021 edition of Nature Digest Japan (Japanese language), where three other early-career researchers and I hashed out the future of research with Sir Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature.